Liver 90 capsules

Liver 90 capsules

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Liver 90 capsules

Liver 90 capsulesImproves appetite: In anorexia and less than optimal growth and weight gain,  normalizes the basic appetite-satiety rhythm. It also addresses loss of appetite during pregnancy. As a daily health supplement, improves appetite, digestion and assimilation processes and promotes weight gain.

Hepatoprotective action: The natural ingredients in Yakrt exhibit potent hepatoprotective properties against chemically-induced hepatotoxicity. It restores the functional efficiency of the liver by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and promoting hepatocellular regeneration. The antiperoxidative activity of yakrt prevents the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane, maintains cytochrome , hastens the recovery period and ensures early restoration of hepatic functions in infective hepatitis. It facilitates the rapid elimination of acetaldehyde and ensures protection from alcohol-induced hepatic damage.

 Liver is the main organ of the body’s detoxification processes and this supplement is apt for healthy liver metabolic functions. liver support capsules support production of bile – a pathway for detoxification and normal intestinal function. Apart from detoxification, it supports liver’s other numerous vital functions

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