Boost your memory with this brain tonic!

Boost your memory with this brain tonic!

Boost your memory with this brain tonic!


The human mind is God's best creation! It has the power to beat even the strongest of the supercomputers! But excessive pressure and stress can lead your brain to start forgetting ad shedding off its natural powers!

In the contemporary world, many people are suffering from stress and Dementia (loss of memory). This seems fair as per our habits these days. But who is to blame? We forget things too often and tend to miss out on a lot of essential tasks. This further adds to our stress and dilemma levels.

Are you too suffering from memory loss? Or do you want to enhance your child's learning ability in a natural and herbal way?

Don't worry! There are a large number of herbal ways in which you can naturally boost your thinking power and let your kinds sharpen their learning and understanding abilities. No! Don't worry about the side effects. Nature is a gateway to the best remedies of our everyday problems. There are several natural formulas extracted from these herbs:

  • Brahmi

Brahmi is the best-known herb to prevent memory-related ailments, cure them, and restore the human mind's superpowers' best! It is being used since Vedic times in India and is most commonly used for its remarkable curative nature to ALL the memory disorders.


  • ShankhPushpi

If you want to improve and boost your brain's functionalities, ShankhPushpi is the most recommended herb for you! It enhances the learning abilities and, more than that can help in reducing anxiety and mental fatigue.


Who is not stressed and anxiety-ridden in this world? So, this is an essential dietary element for all!


  • Vacha: 

This herb helps to stimulate expressions and intelligence into the human brain. It has a significant curative effect on the nervous system. Hence, it is best for its rejuvenating nature. Vacha's main constituents are ACOLAMONE & CALAMONE, which enhances intelligence.

About Tejas, The Brain Tonic

Tejas is curated and formulated using these natural, herbal ingredients, and it is the powerhouse of the goodness of brain cures. If you face any brain disorders, or even want to enhance your brain's abilities, this tonic is for you!

After all, even the sharpest and the strongest of minds need to be polished and maintained! 

Tejas is right for your brain with the following features:

  • Tejas helps to reduce anxiety and mental stress.

  • It can help increase the concentration power and ensure quick learning

  • Tejas is best known for its effect on several brain disorders like memory loss.

  • It refreshes the mind and helps it grow away from fatigue.

The key ingredients in Tejas are natural herbs, which ensure there are no side effects to this brain tonic use. Even if you feel no major brain disorders presently, you may want to enhance your memory and keep it sharpened for the future. This natural formula is then useful for all sorts of brain remedies.


Adult: 2 tablespoons thrice daily

Child: 1-2 tablespoon thrice daily.

Kindly Note: This information should not be taken as a substitute for your professional medical advice!