Baby Massage Oil- Shishu

Baby Massage Oil- Shishu

Baby Massage Oil- Shishu


In our childhood, we grow rapidly. Our bone length, muscle mass, sense organs, and the brain grow and develop rapidly. With these many activities in childhood, the necessary thing is sufficient care and maintenance of the body. 

There are two pillars to care for our baby:-

1) Healthy nutrition for babies. This is important to ensure the improvement of the baby's metabolism.

2) Oil Massage to Baby's Body.

Benefits of Oil Massage:

● It Improves Immunity of Baby.

● It Improves the Luster of the baby's body.

● It helps in proper wellness in Neuromuscular.

● It cherishes the scalp and hair of the baby.

● It helps in controlling body temperature.

● It helps in obtaining a proper weight.

● It Improves natural sleep.

● It helps in the overall development and the growth of the body.

Proper Ways and Timing

● It should be done in the morning or evening (preferably).

● If the baby has taken the food, so wait for an hour.

● The baby should be on a tub or clean cloth or sheet.

● A bath of lukewarm water should follow massage.

● Use slightly warm Oil for massage. (not so warm)

● Don't use massive pressure while massaging.

● Contact of eyes with Oil has to be avoided.

● Do not massage if the baby has signs of indigestion, loose stools, etc.

● Do not massage if the baby has a cold, fever or cough, etc.

Ingredients should be in Oil.


Aswatha has a healing property. Studies show that it is anti-inflammatory so that it can stimulate circulation. It reduces the stress or strain on the lower limbs of the baby after the massage.


This is an essential herb for improving and balancing Vata Dosha and relief in muscle swelling and inflammation.


It is one of the best herbs for improving Immunity, muscle and bone strength, and promote growth and nourishment.


It is a popular Ayurvedic herb for improving memory and intellects. It is helpful for soothing and relaxing the brain. It also enhances the skin's lustre and complexion. It has antioxidants that prevent the baby's skin from damage by removing free radicals.


It is a beneficial Ayurvedic herb for Skincare. It promotes luster and glow of skin and helps in relieving from skin rashes. It is a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It also can reduce the redness and swelling of the skin.

Our Baby Oil- Shishu

This Oil is especially for the massage of children. There is no chemical or any harmful material used in it. It is perfect for massaging your baby and can prove to be a panacea. This will help your child to get right and long sleep. This Oil will nourish your baby's skin. And will help a lot in growth and development.

● It helps in relief in the colic pain of the baby.

● It strengthens Muscles and Bones.

● Help in taking a good sleep.

● Its massage help in nourishing the baby's skin.

● It promotes growth and development.

● Free from Mineral Oil and Animal Fat.

● It can help in strengthen the nails and soften cuticles.

● No harmful chemicals.

● 100% Goodness

● 99.9% Natural.

● No preservatives.

● PH Balanced

● Clinically Tested.